How to submit your link?

● Click the “Submit-a Company” button on the front page or in the right side-bar.
Name company: the name of your company or, if you are a choreographer and you don’t have a company, just your name.
URL: your website address, like:
Choreographer/city/country: choreographers name (if you are listing your company), city and country.
Content: if you want, you can add some information about the content of the work you are doing. (Max. 400 char.)
Your Email: the email address of the organization or person who is submitting the link. (We don’t collect your Email address!)
Photo: here you can attach one photo to be added to your listing.
This should be a photo that gives a first impression of your work; not a portrait or any type of advertising.
Video: the web address of one video of your work, hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. (Facebook videos don’t work!).
Name of the photographer: so we can credit the photographer
Finally: fill out the security code and click “submit“. It can take up to two weeks before your listing will appear in the directory!

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